this is me…



i’ve been debating this whole blog thing for a while. there’s no telling how long this will sit here before i decide to make it public. i’m not sure what it’s a question of…time, commitment, purpose. who knows?

a snapshot of my story can be found on my about me page. i’ve shared it through various outlets of recovery programs and other writing formats.

my writing – whatever the form – tends to indulge my over-analytical mind and falls prey to my tendencies of being a bit of a perfectionist. i am my greatest critic. i need to simplify.

i suppose the heart of all this my relationship with God. i am in love with Him. and whenever i have a chance to reflect on all that has happened in my life, on all that has changed, i am drawn closer to Him. maybe this can be my altar…

as long as i’m alive, as long as i’m breathing, He finds ways to romance me. i’m really not sure where to begin…



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