the beautiful broken

it’s beautiful being broken.

i love to be reminded of this, especially outside of myself.  there is nothing more beautiful to me than a life that has been crushed beyond repair, and then being able to witness the Master slowly and carefully piecing it back together. i am in awe of His ability to take the ashes of our lives and somehow reshape them into portraits of hope, of love, of peace, of renewal.

His own Son broke His own body for our sakes in the most beautiful and profound expression of love this world has ever known.

the bible is filled with broken people. liars, thieves, murderers, adulterers, prostitutes. all broken. all His own. all loved by Him. no one is perfect. no one is living that ideal life you imagine. all of us our broken creatures, patchworks of mistakes and hurts. we all need Him, whether we admit it or not.

don’t judge. please don’t judge. who are you to think you can? you don’t know a person’s heart, a person’s past. it’s hard at times to not, i know (more so when it comes to your own family), but take the time to look behind someone’s eyes. hear their story. don’t pity them, but stand alongside them. we are in this together. there are no greater or lesser saints. we are simply His. His children.

just when i think things in my life are finally making sense, when things seem to be all as they should be, out of nowhere something caves in. i find myself picking up pieces again, realizing – once again – that i still need Him. i feel my brokenness more keenly in times like this when i wonder if i’ve even made any progress in the first place, when i feel the pain of the scars, when i have no strength to get up, even when i doubt my own sanity…

that’s where i am right now.

but i have been fortunate to be reminded almost daily of Who God is. He is a Restorer. He is Hope. He is the Healer. He is my Father. my brokenness is His to take and remake into something beautiful. even when i can’t see it. even when i can’t believe it.


you are beautiful because you were broken.


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