one thing i can appreciate is the ability to look back at all the  jumbles of words i’ve put on a page…each entry or lyric is a snapshot of who i was. something i can measure against who i’ve become.  it is a wonder how much my life has changed…and how quickly it has done so.

but i don’t write so often anymore.

just here.

it’s happened as i’ve found myself feeling so disconnected from things. i’m not sure where this rift has come from, or why. things i once loved and were so passionate about have become little or no consequence to me. relationships that i once so cherished and desired have become distant. it bothers me that it doesn’t really bother me. i have no motivation to change the direction in which things are going. i keep myself busy so that i don’t have time to sit here and think about all this.

maybe i’m growing. maybe i’m resisting. maybe i’m just reading too much into things. i don’t know.


is it something i’ve lost? or just something i’m missing?


2 thoughts on “disconnected

  1. Perhaps, the relationships and “needs” that you had were only in place to help you through sections of your growth. A period of calmness or waiting can come after a storm, as a person rests before moving on. You are now writing what must be said for this time period and your blog is the outlet. Take care!

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