christians: the ultimate buzz kills

i want to dedicate this post to the buzz kills: those precious souls who enter the fray to remind us how miserable and dark this world is in the midst of a moment of a light-hearted reprise.

i salute you.

thank you for taking us by our feet and yanking us back to the ground. revel in your moment of self-righteous smugness as you lower upon us the dark cloud of reality. gloat as you lay the guilt on thick,  displaying before us the suffering and brokenness of others, the lowliness and despair of existence. oh, how dare we! where would we be without you? just a bunch of ignorant, insensitive heathens laughing at the expense of others…totally forgetting that this world is full of heartache and injustice and pain. thanks. thanks for reminding us. i almost forgot.


let me never be that prude.


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