can i love?

love one another as you love yourself.

am i prepared to do that? the command continues to resonate within me, in ever-increasing levels of depth. can i “love” someone  i don’t even know? someone i may never know? can i make that sacrifice?

it’s so easy when it’s just you. when you’re trying to pick up the pieces and learn what it even means to “love yourself.”

but then your world expands…people come and people go, each leaving a mark on your heart…a mark you can trace back to Him as He molds and shapes. i am learning about who He is and how He loves with the help of others – and more often then not, it’s unbeknownst to them. especially those with who it is most difficult with.

but at least i can see them, i can know them. they have faces and names. little time have i spent considering those i don’t know and can’t see. they are easy to forget, easy to overlook.

i have been selfish. there are things that have happened that i want so badly to move on from, and it seems almost possible when i’m only considering myself. but i’ve realized that it’s not just about me.

i have only gone so far as i have allowed myself to go…any farther means asking myself to sacrifice. it means getting uncomfortable.  it means putting me aside and thinking about someone else. someone i don’t even know.

it may turn out to nothing. it may turn my world upside down. i really don’t know, but the fact is this: i am commanded to love others as i love myself. even the ones i don’t know.


what would that mean for you?


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