those beautiful things…

it just aches me to the core.

to experience the many forms of beauty that this world has to offer….sights, sounds, people, words. it’s everywhere, it truly is… when  i come across it, i crave, i desire, i want to create more of the same. i want to try and explain it. to paint a picture. to capture it in my mind and never forget it.

it’s been a while since i’ve been inspired like this. and it’s nice to know it’s still within me. but the spark is flickering against elements that would see it die away. against circumstances beyond control. against convictions that take precedence over so-called dreams. against the sheer exhaustion of hanging on to it. and yet, something within me is just dying to break out and bloom…

but i still can’t help but be taken in by the beauty of words. to let my heart be lifted by a song. to breathe in the changing air. to love making someone laugh. and everything within me wants to let go and dream a dream, to remember how to hope in something. to quit being so practical and “content.”

something just needs to break.


what inspires you?

what stops you?


One thought on “those beautiful things…

  1. You need to let your heart do the talking and follow the dream. God put something special in your heart. Let go of fear. I faced a fear –in the form of a person–yesterday. I walked away calm. Totally calm! After nearly seventeen years of pain in the past, i know that person can no longer make me quake and fear them. Some people would think I was crazy, if they knew who I dared to face, but I had to do it for myself. What inspired me? The need to put an end to the way I quaked inside whenever I had to be near that person. The damage done to me and how this person hurt me would stop me from even lifting my eyes and making eye contact with them. They once told me that no one would ever want me. But yesterday, I did something for myself. I faced the fear. And the person did me no harm, even when I looked them in the eye. I was amazed at the perfect calmness that filled me as I drove away.

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