a christmas-y-ish blog post

have you ever stepped outside of yourself and just considered everything? and by that i mean, well…everything. i mean this story God has written. this tapestry we are all a part of. existence as it is seen from the widest scope you can fathom.

God. God who always was, always is and always will be. beyond our understanding, unseen and all-knowing. He created this world. the universe. He gave life to billions upon billions of souls who have walked here. some known, most unknown. you. me.

Jesus. God in the flesh. He came down to live among us. He started out as a tiny, mewling baby. for 33 years He walked this earth as skin and bones…so far removed from the majesty of His Heavenly throne.

and all out of love. He could have done anything, but He didn’t. He chose to come down to our level.  breathing air. eating food. restrained by time. feeling the elements…and pain.

God did that.

it’s so hard to wrap my head around it all…

i love it. the angels of Heaven appeared to the shepherds to proclaim that the very Son of God had entered our world…the lowliest of society were some of the first to know. born in a manger, to a jewish girl. what went through her mind? no one can know what it was like to be the mother of God in the flesh.

for whatever the reason, tradition has diluted the truth. how does something like that happen? the truth is enough. why must we add to it? it’s enough to take in by itself.

God. God became man.


merry christmas.


3 thoughts on “a christmas-y-ish blog post

  1. It is truly an amazing story. After hearing it over and over again we lose our awe over it. However when we take the time to really think about it, we can’t help but be in awe of our awesome God!

  2. This year, the magnitude of it all has hit me anew–mostly because I am sharing it with our children. It has refocused my attention during the holidays to the only thing that matters: Jesus.

    Thanks for the christmas-y-ish blog post. 🙂


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