the fighters

i’ve had to do a lot of fighting in my life. i’ve had to fight to survive. i’ve had to fight against the desire to die. i’ve had to fight to recover. hell, every day is a friggin fight…for love, for hope, for relationships, for just trying to focus on what matters…it has made me a stronger person – and for that, i am grateful.

but i truly have come to appreciate those few people in my life who have been willing to step in and throw a few punches for me. when i’m so used to having to go into battle for myself, it catches me off guard when someone jumps in between me and life’s fist for a minute or two. it’s always the other fighters…those who know how to throw a punch. i’m tired, and i know they’re tired, but whether it’s inward or outward, the fighting never stops. and we know it. but we keep going. and when someone else notices…it means something.

so thank you to all the fighters i know. for all the shit you’ve endured and for your willingness to get hit with some of my own, you are something amazing.
we are something amazing.



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