the beauty of contrast

it stormed tonight. and as i walked out to my car, i couldn’t help but look up as the clouds started to break. the sun was setting and hitting the tip of one of the breaking storm clouds, setting it on fire against the pale blueness of the sky. i caught myself staring at it as long as i could, struck by the beautiful contrast of the colors captured in a frame of dismal gray.

i guess the funny thing was realizing that the beauty came from the contrast. this is a world, after all, where differences tend to be feared and avoided, where people use them to justify strife and violence, when they are used to justify heartbreak. even to the well-intentioned, well-informed and well-meaning, differences of look, opinion and belief are viable excuses to run or cause discord. some people don’t even realize they are doing it. and that’s what’s scary. they let it separate them and just simply accept that it’s how it has to be.

the sky above me tonight drew and captured my attention, it engaged my thoughts. it wouldn’t have happened without the storm, it wouldn’t have been noticeable if all the elements had been the same or if they had been separated or on their own. they had to be together – not working against each other, but enhancing one another.

i know i’m not breaking any new ground here, and i know people can argue the point as to why things can’t always be worked out or whatever – people would even argue that there should be no such thing as differences; but with all that i’ve been through, with all that i’ve had to relearn, with how ugly the world is…i’m going to take this single moment as a reminder to see the beauty in the contrast. i’m going to choose to take the risk, choose to step out of the bubble, choose to go against the flow. choose to be one of those things that stands against the rest and lights up a small part of the sky.

be the change you wish to see in the world.