look down to no one

the blog’s title comes from the line of the movie, Ever After.

“Cinderella” is dressing above her station in order to release a friend who had been sold by her stepmother into slavery. as Cinderella prepares, her friend coaches her: “If you’re going to be a noblewoman, you must play the part,” and he adds, “look down to no one.

if i have learned anything this year it’s how to play that part.

as i consider what it might mean to view others from His perspective, it truly simplify things. He sees humanity. He died for all, whether all believe it or not. He loves all, whether all know it or not.  no one is above the other. no “sinner” worse than another. no “saint” better than another. He loves us all perfectly and completely. He loves me. He loves those who have hurt me. He loves you. perfectly and completely.

while so many of us worry about perception and what others think about us, here was how most people perceived Christ while he was on earth:

The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Behold, a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’

(matthew 11:19, nasb)

they saw Jesus, God on earth, as a drunk, as a glutton, as someone who was a friend of all those people. but did He stop eating with them? no. drinking with them? no. and yet He never once compromised. He never once stopped being Who He is. it almost seems that He preferred the company of those that “christians” these days often hide from and picket against.

i am a broken person. we all are. while some of us may be a little farther in our journey than others, it is important to remember that we are all on even ground. not above or below. no matter what you may have done or had done to you. the sooner we stop measuring people by their pasts or lifestyles or statuses, and see them as someone He has placed on earth for us to be Jesus to, the better we can find our selves to be. it’s not about believing you can change anyone. you can’t. it’s about knowing Him. and you’ll find a profound change take place in you and your perspective that you didn’t expect.

i know that as long as i’m alive, there is opportunity to learn and grow. even when i fail or relapse or screw up, there is always hope – always another chance – just so long as i’m breathing. when you let go of traditions, of “DOs” and “DON’Ts”, when you start pursuing Him in the way He is meant to be pursued – not by threats or guilt, but by grace…that is when you start to know Him. that is when you start to truly understand the value of ALL life.


 be the change you wish to see in the world. -ghandi

trying to figure it out

i love the uniqueness of all our journeys. i look at my own, and almost can’t believe all that’s changed these past few years. i’m one of “those people” who journals almost everyday (used to be every day and multiple entries, but now i’m less intense). i’ve never been so committed to something for so long and kept it up so faithfully.

i look back on entries every now and then. i am thankful for such an opportunity. i can go back to those little altars of notebook paper and see what i’ve been through. i have the opportunity to laugh at myself, mostly: cringing at all those ridiculous ideals i had, shaking my head at my emotional/super-spiritual monologues…still, it’s thanks to having them that i can witness the growth. i can look back on things i had forgotten and thank Him all over again for who He is and what He has done.

but i have such a long way to go. i keep getting bogged down by all these different ideas and ways of living and looking at the “Christian” life. i appreciate how it gets me re-looking at some things, but i have such a fear of being drawn into something that’s a lie. i grew up being told lies and falling into chains of thinking because it was easier than doing it for myself. i’m overly cautious now. probably too cautious, and maybe even a bit pious. there’s some messages i’m just tired of hearing. there’s some christian music i’m sick of listening to. there’s christian books that create a parade of bandwagons. denominations that are all about doing this and that, but their love has grown cold. sometimes i wish i could drive it all away and live on the simplicity of how He intended it. there’s too much noise, too many “movements.”

i try and be as simple as i can, but sometimes i have to catch myself from falling into something.  i’ve learned a lot of hard lessons, and its thanks to them that i’ve gotten a little better with how to discern things and not be so fleeting. but i know that what i know now isn’t a whole heck of a lot, and i’m always wondering if what i claim to  “know” is even right. my journal entries aren’t even what they used to be. i don’t seem to have a lot to say anymore.

every now and again you get hit with a little something that makes you question everything. something that brings you back to earth.

i suppose i should quit trying to figure everything out and just do.


what do you “know”?